Top 20 Profitable products to export from India

Top 20 Products Export from India | India Export Goods Other Countries

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India is the fastest-growing economy, also because of the E-commerce market worldwide. relinquishes major developed nations just like the USA & several European countries.

The Indian export market has boosted the expansion of the Indian economy in the last few years. Exports contribute around four % to India’s gross economic output. The Republic of India sells several actual merchandises to different countries and foreign markets square measure determined with Indian inventory. Most Products Export from India is petroleum products, jewelry, prescription drugs, and motor car. Here are the top 20 commodities exported from India and fetched foreign currency. Are you planning to start an export business in India?  You want to remember that most shipped merchandise from the Republic of India has high demand in the international market. Here, we take a comprehensive inspection analysis of the list of merchandise exported from the Republic of India. Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Indian export revenue stood at $528 billion by the year 2021 with a good great rate

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Exports in India decreased to 29.88 USD Million in November from 35.65 USD Million in October of 2021.

Balance of Trade-23.27-19.73USD MillionNov/21
Imports53.1555.37USD MillionNov/21
Exports29.8835.65USD MillionNov/21

List of Products Export from India 2021

  1. Plastic & Linoleum
  2. Paintings
  3. Handmade Carpet
  4. Fruits
  5. Ground floor carpets
  6. Cotton yarn & fabrics
  7. Handlooms
  8. Handicrafts
  9. Footwears
  10. Apparels
  11. Textile articles
  12. Tea & Coffee
  13. Dairy products
  14. Watches
  15. Organic food & natural handmade products
  16. Oil meals
  17. Cereals preparations & processed
  18. Rice
  19. Oil seeds
  20. Gems & Jewelry

Indian products have a demand in the USA, CANADA, UK, and other Asian countries as well.

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Top 20  list of india export products other countries

India Exports by CountryLastPrevious
United States465.31476.15INR Billion
United Arab Emirates155.22152.11INR Billion
China123.32131.41INR Billion
Netherlands80.1457.27INR Billion
Hong Kong67.2372.94INR Billion
Belgium64.8155.01INR Billion
Singapore63.1063.91INR Billion
Nepal61.6752.60INR Billion
Germany58.7462.99INR Billion
Italy58.2257.95INR Billion
Saudi Arabia45.7269.10INR Billion
Indonesia45.4245.99INR Billion
Brazil43.3636.56INR Billion
Australia40.3451.87INR Billion
Israel37.2036.36INR Billion
Nigeria37.1423.05INR Billion
Japan36.9137.88INR Billion
South Africa35.1437.80INR Billion
France34.4336.03INR Billion
Thailand32.2131.02INR Billion
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